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Committee & Leadership Positions

The work of the Association is done by volunteer member leaders, assisted and implemented by staff. The following are the elected positions within the organization, their duties and responsibilities, and information on how to pursue election. The Oregon REALTORS® Handbook is full of detailed information related to all volunteer positions.

Read it here: Oregon REALTORS® Volunteer Handbook 2021


Key Committees, Special Committees, Work Groups and Task Forces work continually on behalf of the membership to achieve the Association’s objectives as approved in the strategic plan. Committee assignments are made every year in December by the President and President-Elect with the input of senior staff.

In-person committee meetings are held, at a minimum, on a monthly basis. Interim conference calls and/or additional in-person meetings (depending on the committee) are also held throughout the year. There are four Key Committees and ten Special Committees. See all committee listings at the bottom of the page.

If you’re interested in serving on a committee? Here are a few recommendations:

  • Attend the committee meetings as an observer at the bi-annual governance meetings in the Spring and Fall
  • Make yourself and your interest known to the current President and President-Elect and/or your local association executive or leadership
  • Read the Volunteer Handbook so you know what to expect: Oregon REALTORS® Volunteer Handbook 2021
  • Apply! In order to participate you must apply for a committee.


Budget Finance – Financial Reports, audits and budgets. Meets 2x/year.

Treasurer: Lindsay Douglass

Education & Programs – Plan & execute all education opportunities for members. Meets 12x/year.

Chair: Mara Gregory
Vice Chair: Sonia Kissinger (maybe)
Designation: KayDee Hallert
Expo: Lori Palermo

Membership – Plan/organize all new member orientation and code of ethics classes. Execute membership drives. Meets monthly.

Chair: Grace Bergen

RPAC- Organize and execute RPAC fundraiser. Meets as needed.

Chair: Rita Verdugo
Vice Chair: Mara Gregory
Members: Krista Harrison, Ronda Prewitt

Christmas Parade – Create and float for Springfield Parade. Meets as needed.

Chair: Chelsea Dietmeyer

Food Drive – Organize food drive with EAR chair. Assign store captains and workers for each store. Meets as needed.


Christmas Party – Plan end of year Christmas party and installation.

Chair: Becki Trowbridge (co-chair) with affiliate partner

Golf Tournament – Work with EAR chair to execute golf tournament.

Chair: Chelsea Dietmeyer, co-chair with Rita Verdugo

Government Affairs – Report to board on local, state and national issues.

Chair: Isaac Rhodes-Dey, co-chair with Grace Bergen

Nomination – Establish BOD for following year

Chair: Becki Trowbridge

Realtor and Affiliate of the Year – Decide winners for current year with past ROTY and AOTY

Chair & Vice (ROTY): Chelsea Deitmeyer
Chair & Vice (AOTY): Lindsay Douglass

Technology – Manage website and social media

Chair: KayDee Hallert

Grant Committee – Research and find grants for SBOR

Chair: David Lacy

Safety Committee – Develop member’s Safety practices and resources

Chair: Lori Palermo

Affiliate Committee

Chair: Heather Ducker

Management Committee

Chair: Lori Palermo
Members: KayDee Hallert, Isaac Rhodes-Dey, Sonia Kissinger, Grace Bergen, Chelsea Dietmeyer

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